The tropical weather and pleasant appealing climate quite soothing for beach merriment with plenty of the sunshine with mild temperature throughout the year makes it an ideal site for holiday and summer vacation escape. Not only the climate, atmosphere, and scenery are pleasurable but there are also lots of things to discover and explore in this place. The white friendly sandy beaches, pristine coral reefs make it one of the most alluring tourist destination which has now become the busiest tourist hub in the world. Take up the trip and discover the wonders that stunned the visual Maldives.

Maldives Travel

These small, picturesque islands with dense plants and tall coconut palms surrounded with dense tropical vegetations including shrubs, flowering plants and many other awesome types of scenery are found in this place. It is one of the best places to for holiday and leisure escape.

Maldives islands are characterized by unique coral nature and thus they possess unique tourism resources. There are places where submarine activities are favorable and some sensitive environment sites where you can relax and bask on the shore or even take up underwater excitements offered by Maldives packages for different things to take up and thrill up tours and holidays in it.

It is not only the divers and snorkelers who enjoy the profuse underwater resources but also the beach tourists are attracted by the preferable environment that really guarantees relaxation and recreations. Whatever excitement and interest may be for best experience always takes up Maldives travel packages for best experience to receive in Maldives.

While proceeding tours with travel packages to Maldives, you are sure to come across two outstanding cities. The Male and Addu are the two outstanding tourist hot spot where you will get almost all the essential things are found in these two places. Male serves as the capital city of Maldives and it is the largest city found in this place holding an important role as the main port city welcoming every visitors and serving the best for them. Addu is also another major tourist site where you will find some of the best tourism services found in it. Addu offers numerous outstanding hotels and resorts with excellent services at the most affordable tempting price.

Males-Heart of Maldives

It is a major tourist hot spot which services incredible facilities and services for tourist travelers and is also the hub of commercial activities. Some of the major tourist attractions found in these sites are grand Friday Mosque, National Museum, Fish Market and Jumhooree maiden are some of the landmark attractions of Maldives found in the male city. Tourist often visits this site to explore the attractions.


Addu city is in Addu Atoll and is the southernmost collection of islands in Maldives with prospects of becoming a future economic hub. This place is often rushed for accommodation and hotel booking. It is also one of the best areas if you wish to view the spectacular scenery of the vast blue paradise of the enchanting islands of Maldives.

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