Shrimp has long been a close dish for human’s diet. Shrimp provides a lot of nutrients for human body and helps developing both physically and intellectually. Especially, shrimp is good for mothers who cook lots of good dishes for their children.

The delicious foods for children health from shrimp

Shrimp contains a lot of protein, fat, minerals, vitamins in the composition such as A, D, C, E and DHA, they help children tall and be intelligent.

Mothers has hundreds of delicious dishes from shrimp for children as boiled shrimp, porridged shrimp, and mothers can stimulate the children’s food excitement by making dried shredded shrimp (See how to do dried shredded shrimp  at ).

Dried shredded shrimp is amazing delicious so all children want to try it. This dish helps children eat rice deliciously, so it improves children anorexia status. With dried shredded shrimp, mothers can refer to the following delicious dishes, remember to save to your hand out pocket!

1. Shrimp soup

Mothers usually cook this dish for your children, aren’t you? However, not all mothers know how to taste their children with delicious and amazing soup.

Children are fascinated with new things, so it is true with their eating habit. And anorexia comes from boring habit because they have to eat too many boring foods. Some mother cook a soup with many combined things and they force their children eat, that is not a good way.

Cooking soup for the children needs cuisine from mothers. With shrimp soup, mothers can make interesting appearance when combining with other foods such as pumpkin, carrots, spinach, .. These colorful food will make their children like to eat more.

When selecting shrimps, it is advisable to buy prawn shrimps, natural shrimps not raised shrimps because they have antibiotics which are not good for children’s health. If your child is baby, you can grind shrimp into soup with carrot or pumpkin for easly eating. Moreover, mothers can grind soup with  dried shredded shrimp for baby.

2.  Dried shredded shrimp for red amaranth soup

Most children love this soup. Because spinach soup is pinky, so when combining with rice, this definitely make rice bowl become more delicious. Amaranth is easy to eat with sweet and soft taste.

Amaranth contains a lot of nutrients, especially vitamins, carotene, ..they help metabolize vitamin A in the body. So it is great if amaranth is cooked with dried shredded shrimp.


It is simple to cook this dish, it is not only for children but also all members in family. Red amaranth soup can be cooked with minced shrimp or dried shredded shrimp.

Red amaranth can be chopped or kept length when preparing. You should cook with fresh shrimp, or natural shrimp, you should not choose raised shrimp.

3. Dried shredded shrimp with hot rice


Dried shredded shrimp with hot rice

If you hear the name of this dish, you can think it is dry and temporary but actually this is the most delicious dish of many children in the rainy season, a bowl of hot rice and dried shrimp will make them extremely interested. Dried shredded shrimp with hot rice contains a lot of nutrients, so it provides energy for children in a day.

Mothers can make dried shredded shrimp for children. The way to make it is not too complicated to mothers.

ruoc tom su

Just selecting fresh shrimp and rinse, steam it with lemongrass then peel and take prawn meat. Remember to give up its back line. Then grind prawn meat, cook it on span with oil, fish sauce, ginger oil, betroot oil, you should fry quickly to spicy shrimp meat. Turn off the stove to cool before storage it in botlles  for using many times.

If any mother does not know how to do it can refer to video:



If you do not have a lot of time, you can pick the ready bottle with dried shredded shrimp. It is so effective. Currently, some typical companies produce clean foods with high quality as Sfood.

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