Corrugata is a mollusk species living in salt and brackish water slightly looks like clam but bigger. It has rough, white shell, and live under the sand, from the South of the North.
Under water, Corrugata is tempting to poke the big and long tentacles to breathe and get food. If the water surface has more big waves, Corrugata will quickly get down the mud to escape. In the dry season, the fishermen often have to wade very deep under the mud to catch Corrugata. I used to eat Corrugata of Central, South, and North of Vietnam and found that nowhere to eat Corrugata as delicious as in Bach Dang River, the border between Quang Ninh province and Hai Phong city. Are you Interested Ninh Binh Tour? Click here


Corrugata is a delicious dishes that it’s very difficult for diners to forget it after tasting. Live Corrugata is cut into pieces, separated from the shell, blood is poured straight into alcohol. For who can not drink alive, warm up the wine first and then add blood, called sake Corrugata. Sake lost the taste of Corrugata but has the smell. Many people believe that Sake can improve their health, so it is very famous.
Apart from alcohol, corrugata can be grilled or steamed, when steaming it is often tied with string to avoid losing water which is the best and most nutrition. Normally, Corrugata is made into simple dishes, not as sophisticated as it is to keep the sweet, natural taste, avoid too much heat or seasoning. At the end of the meal, the host will cook the porridge to invite guests, each bowl of porridge only has 2-3 Corrugata, but it’s enough for the taste. It can also be used to make a bowl of salad, a banana flower, about 10 Corrugatas mixed together with some salt, sugar and vinegar.
From fall to cold winter, Corrugata is deep under the mud so it’s very difficult to catch. In the past, there was many of them, so the price is often cheap, but now it is the rare food and the price is going up double. To have the finest meal of Corrugata, guests have to pay a lot of money.
Over the past ten years, the movement of mangrove forestation has made Corrugata become rare, only in the area of Ha Nam – Yen Hung, Quang Ninh near Hanoi and Ninh Binh mangrove forests are still the ancient forest. Unfortunately, a project to expand Nam Trieu Industrial Park is likely to delete this area.
Sometimes I receive a few kilogram of Corrugata from my friend as the gift of sea. I put it in the fridge to keep it longer for some special party with family. It’s definitely delicious!