Cruise Travel Tips – Plan Your Cruise Using These Couple of Tips

Planning for a vacation could be demanding and often frustrating. However, you should plan your holidays to really make it probably the most enjoyable and least demanding. Especially if you’re planning to visit outdoors of the nation or you are wanting to possess a cruise, then you definitely must have the ability to give amount of time in planning for that visit to avoid any disappointments inside your travel.

Plan Your Cruise Using These Couple of Tips

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Plan Your Cruise Using These Couple of Tips

If you’re particularly planning to possess a cruise for the vacation, listed here are a couple of cruise travel tips that you might find useful. You’d surely desire a perfect vacation, thus purchase a very little time to analyze and study from individuals who’ve been there. Especially if it’s the first amount of time in seeing a cruise for any vacation, listed here are ideas that might be of help.

  • Know what you would like inside a cruise. You are able to really have plenty of options and various luxury cruise ships might have different services, facilities and amenities. That will help you pick the perfect cruise for you personally, then you need to consider first what for you to do inside your vacation. Luxury cruise ships might have casinos, spas, pool, theaters – so you’ve to make certain guess what happens for you to do so that you can fully appreciate and revel in your cruise.
  • Determine the destination that you would like to visit. Whether you need to visit the Caribbean or tropical islands or some luxurious metropolitan areas, or beaches, you need to make certain what you would like. You will find lots of locations, so make certain additionally you know where you need to go.
  • Look at your budget. Obviously, the greatest factor you need to consider is the budget. Without a doubt, you won’t want to use a vacation and go ahead and take burden of getting loads of charge card payables whenever you return. You might also need to make certain you’ve enough plan for those activities you need to enjoy along with your destination choice. You might want to prioritize your requirements too, based on your financial allowance too.
  • Read the weather in advance. The elements is a essential aspect to think about too if you wish to use a vacation. Obviously, you cannot benefit from the beaches more once the weather conditions are stormy. You might not also relish those activities that for you to do outdoors if you are planning on the cruise on the not-so-favorable weather.
  • Spend sensibly. Taking pleasure in your trip doesn’t imply needing to spend over our limits. You can study a couple of cruise travel guidelines to help you make the most from your financial allowance. A little shopping around can be quite useful for making your trip enjoyable using the budget you have.
  • Begin with short cruise ships first. Especially if it’s the first amount of time in a cruise, jump on a brief cruise for example individuals which will continue for three or four days. Get individuals 10-day cruise only when you have experience or guess what happens to anticipate within the cruise.

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Restaurant Feature of Culinary Cruises

Holland America, our premium cruise company! We feature Holland America is our preferred cruise line! Call us for your special pricing and on-board credits! 206-264-1270

Culinary Restaurant

Restaurant Feature of Culinary Cruises

Click on the link below to view Holland America’s scheduled Guest Chefs on-board this year. Check back often and we will update booking specials for you or call us today for a special, you can e-mail questions about Holland America and the “Culinary Arts Center” to View the upcoming chef schedules here:

Guest Chef Schedules Holland America

We look forward to hearing from you soon, booking Holland America has never been better, we can look up instant specials, early booking deals and we always offer something extra with you booking. We also like to share another cruise line we specialize in, Oceania – the secrets getting out, that this is one of the premier affordable lines on the waters and offers some of the most exclusive settings with a country club atmosphere – not stuffy, yet classy! Here is a new cruise for you Cruise West just announced the inaugural “Taste of the Pacific Northwest” culinary cruise. We are hoping some of our clients, like you will take advantage of this wonderful cruise. Round trip from Portland, this is a great way to explore the Columbia River Gorge and the historic regions along the gorge, along with Walla Walla Wineries – this is one not to be missed. Details forthcoming on each winery.

Holland American

Dates: 7 nights – 8 days cruise ***WE HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL IN ADDITION!***

Sept. 28th Oct. 5th Oct. 12th Oct. 19th.

Small ship cruising with on 84 passengers priced from $3,149.00 per person.

Book through us and we will add a Chef’s Studio Visit and pre-night in Portland for only $175.00 per person! This is a 50% discount over the normal cost of a studio class w/ meal and overnight hotel stay. Includes transfers in Portland from the airport or train station and to the ship dock. If the chef studio is booked or not available we will provide a very special dinner at the Wildwood Restaurant instead, this is a treat with a visit from owner Chef Corey, we will have you receive an autographed copy of his cook book also. Call us today, 206-264-1270!

Princess Cruise Line Announcement Most ships in their line will offer “Chef Tables” in 2008!

We want to take advantage of this and make you a promise, book your Princess Cruise through our travel office and we will arrange at no cost for you and your friends to have dinner at the Chef’s table. This is a $75.00 per person gift and we want you to be the first to enjoy this new feature of the Princess Cruises. The smaller ships will not be fitted for the 2008 season, but we have lots of options. The table will hold 10 guests and is available each night, along with the chef at your table and a true kitchen tour! Imagine dinner in the Galley of a cruise ship recognized for it’s great world class cuisine and world class chefs!


CALL TODAY: 206-264-1270 OR


Silversea Cruise line offers a wonderful upscale culinary program on their ships in their Viking Culinary Centers on-board. The Culinary Series is co- sponsored by Relais & Chatueaux – call for this exclusive offer. Silversea Cruise line is like no other, no surprises, all inclusive trips they are priced at a value price of $5,000 per person with EBI’s from $3,800 per person. Keeping in mind their are no surprises, other then a very elite option to dine with a classic wine pairing in a specialty spot, all other meals, wines, on-board open bars and in room bars are complimentary.

Many cruise ports they offer complimentary transfers into town from the ship as well as on selected cruises, they offer complimentary shore excursions.

A true elegant first class cruise that is a “value price” – why be surprised at the end of your cruise to see you have an on-board account balance that exceeds your original cruise cost! This doesn’t happen when you sail on the luxury inclusive lines such as Silverseas.

Happy Sailing! Call today for EBI on all 2008/2009 journeys. 206-264-1270

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5 Tips to better sleep When Traveling

How to sleep better when Traveling ?

Training individuals on tips of sleeping better are familiar. The online space has taken a queue giving several pieces of advice on how one can get better sleep. While that may work, enough sleep comes as a matter of tuning the body to specific routines.

Lack of sleep, popularly known as ‘insomnia’ regarded as one of the causes of weight gain. Issues of weight are becoming a real problem in most developed countries. Statistics in America point a huge rise in obesity.

Better Sleep When Traveling

Better sleep has been notably beneficial to individuals. Apart from helping improve an individual’s health, it allows one to have a stable mood, as well as feeling refreshed. Good sleep reduces chances of contracting some terminal illnesses like the heart and kidney problems prevalent in the society.

On a positive note, sleep is an essential ingredient in procreation as it forms an important aspect of libido. But not to belabor the point, sleep is good for your brain faculty as it leads to better judgment.

5 Tips to better sleep

Be it as it may, the solutions that come with good sleep to all these is notable. There are certain unique ways through which one may achieve good sleep without resorting to harmful practices to the body. We have looked at some five areas of achieving better sleep.

  1. Check on your lifestyle

The foods and drinks we take to determine how well we sleep. Individuals who have the habit of making coffee a few hours before their sleep time may not achieve good sleep in the long run. On the other hand, drug abuse, especially the use of cigarettes can lead to insomnia.

Some of these may be a matter of habits in life. An individual may decide to take in something healthy like a glass of milk. While some people take alcohol and medicines before sleep, these may not help in solving issues of lack of sleep due to intoxicating components.

Exercising within the 4 hours to sleep has been one lifestyle routine that people need to adopt. Regular exercise can help improve an individual’s sleep batter as it improves the aerobic activity. By improving the blood flow to all parts of the body, it may be a good ingredient to fall asleep afterward.

Eat - Sleep - Relax - Travel

Eat – Sleep – Relax – Travel

  1. Check where you sleep

The sleeping area is also an important part of sleep improvement. Components like mattress improve the comfort which can lead to good sleep. The choice of an appropriate bed depends on various factors like quality, price, and size.

Other accessories like the pillow and the duvets can also affect a lot. In several cases, if you share the bed with an individual who snores a lot, then you need to change. The place where a person sleeps also needs to be tranquil as that can also lead to the lack of sleep.

The use of sound machines in controlling the noise levels, if the neighborhood is noisy can help a lot. White noise as it is known has some benefits worth noting. Of importance is the fact that the sound machine is portable from place to place.

However, because it ensures that you achieve the best sleep time within the schedule is the fundamental reason why using it is ideal. Improving the sleep environment by infusing items that can help wind up can also help.

It implies that the situation in question needs to be calm, warm and awash with other things like music to help achieve all that.

  1. Eat light and early

Taking fat food immediately before sleep, touted as a disaster for insomnia.  The body needs to digest the food and discomfort may follow if that does not happen. Eating light foods a few hours before winding down can help in this regard.

  1. Develop a routine

Sleep inducement can occur in scenarios when an individual has drawn up a sleep routine. It is one thing having this schedule and sticking to it. One ingredient that people have found handy is the use of sleep masks when the time comes to go asleep.

Sleep masks, though artificial help individuals sleep well by switching their minds. When you have such schedule, the body will gradually fall into sync with the plan.

  1. Work on your stress points

Stress is the greatest cause of lack of sleep.  Little worries in life need closure. The best thing to do is to separate the professional life from the person. From person to person, better sleep implies a different ball game.

While the strategies work across, some individuals may need to adopt other methods like using vaporizers and sprays to achieve sleep. Whichever the case, you need to try what suits you.


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